Macy Manchester ‘18: For the first time ever, Romeo will be hosting a Powderbuff volleyball game. Powderbuff is similar to the annual Powderpuff game, where junior and senior girls play flag football, but instead, junior and senior boys will be playing a friendly game of volleyball. The junior class decided to put this game together as a fundraiser for their class.

The juniors are very excited to go up against the seniors, especially since they’re participating in the first ever Powderbuff game.

Blake McRae, a junior, is very excited to play against the senior boys and has already began preparing for the game.

“I look forward to playing a sport I don’t normally play and I really want to beat the seniors,” McRae ‘19 said.

Senior, Rhett Stahovec, is one of 20 senior boys to participate.

“I think it will be fun getting to heckle the juniors,” Stahovec ‘18 said. “I’m most excited to play a fun game and to have a good time.”

The game is scheduled to take place on Monday, December 4, in the main gym. Admission is $5 and all proceeds go towards the junior classes senior activities, such as prom and their senior all-night party. The doors open at 7:00 pm, and the game begins shortly after at 7:30 p.m.

UPDATE: The first set started and seniors immediately dominated, taking the first set.

The second set started to get more competitive, however, the seniors still pulled through to win.

Going into the third set, the seniors knew that if they won this set, they won the game. Except, the juniors had the mindset that if they won the third set, they could potentially comeback and win. The juniors worked together as a team, and won the third set.

The fourth set, a nail-biter, took place and both teams played until the very end, with the seniors winning the set, 17-15. The victorious seniors celebrated their win, but still congratulated the juniors, knowing that the game was a successful fundraiser for the junior class.

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