David Andrews ‘16 – High school students around the state of Michigan take part in the DAFT Film Festival, entering videos that they’ve created. A select few students each year take home awards, rewarding their expertise and mastery with a camera and a computer. This year, Romeo’s own Brendon Schreiber ‘18 was awarded “Best Of Show” at the DAFT Film Festival, for his animated short film “The Warmth of Winter Flakes.” Schreiber spent three hours a day, for three weeks drawing and filming every shot, and an additional week putting everything together, editing it, and turning his piece into the award winning masterpiece that it is.

Schreiber describes “The Warmth of Winter Flakes” as, “…a young boy wants to express his true feelings about a girl who lives nearby, and these feelings are represented by the snowman trying to impress the snowgirl. These events shown by the snowman are basically what feed into the message of the film, which is to never waste your time, or you may miss a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

Animated movies like “A Nightmare Before Christmas” were a catalyst in building his passion while still only in elementary school. His aspirations for a career in film extend deep in the film making process, with goals of being a director and a screenwriter. Although Schreiber does not find lasting interest in the world of animation, he utilizes his hand drawn art as a stepping stone. When the time comes, he wants to move on to bigger and better categories in the industry.

Even though he still has two years left in high school, he already has plans to attend summer courses this upcoming summer at his dream college, New York University, to further his knowledge and abilities in the film world.

As of right now, Brendon Schreiber is a well-kept secret at Romeo High School, but in a decade, you may see his name scrolling through the credits on the movie screen.

To watch Schreiber’s film click the link below!

Brendon Schreiber’s “The Warmth of Winter Flakes


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