Morgan Brown ‘17- Eyes fall upon the floor of a crowded stadium. Chills of anticipation sweep through the room, telling everyone that it’s competition day. The Romeo High School robotics team, the Byting Bulldogs, prepare their robot, confirming that each part works as planned. Cheers erupt throughout the audience as the robot performs, and the team celebrates completing another challenge.

These moments are what Sam Hein ‘17 embraces.

With the start of a new robotics season, Hein hopes to be part of a winning team; wanting to experience the glory of the team’s 2013 State Championship victory, which he was not a part of. Meetings during the competitive season occur every day, giving the team the opportunity to perfect their project, revealed on January 9th, 2016.

An essential part of the team since his freshman year, Hein excels in electrical work, spending his time wiring the robots.

“When the time comes to do electrical work, I do that,” Hein said. “But mostly I do what I can to help out with everyone else.”

With numerous friends on the team, his favorite teacher, Mr. Gardner, as his leader, and a current part time job related to his future career, robotics provides him with a unique extracurricular activity, and some perception of his desired future. Hein wishes to be an engineer, and the robotics program arranged a job at Cross The Road Electronics for him to wire circuit boards, allowing him to improve his skills.

“The program has really helped me come out of my shell and it is a great learning experience,” Hein said. “It has helped me explore future career options.”

Hein not only enhanced his socialization and electrical skills, but also his diligence and time management. With two AP classes and a heavy work schedule, it proves difficult to balance these activities.

With a tiny bit of spare time before and after robotics meetings, Hein manages to squeeze in hours of homework, keeping his grades up while still having fun.
Since 2013, the Byting Bulldogs have yet to snag another Championship victory, however, with Hein’s advanced engineering skills and ability to boost the spirit of his teammates, he rests with the confidence that his team will prevail in the coming year.  

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