Kade Messner ‘17 – Walking down the hall, pride swells through the students of Romeo High School. With all the former great athletes that have passed through Romeo, it is unfortunate that the All-state wall is filled up. The lack of wall space leaves students wondering where the next All-state student athletes pictures will be located.

“I have no idea where my All-state picture is going,” Nick Blankenburg ‘16 satid. “It is going to be lonely wherever they end up putting my picture, since I will be the only one on the new wall.”

Blankenburg, who was recently awarded All-state honors for his past hockey season worries that his picture will not have a place in the school.

“I hope they find a place for me,” Blankenburg said. “And for all of the other hardworking All-state athletes Romeo will have in the future.”

Coming up with a short term fix, Athletic Director Gregory Brynaert came up with a plan.

“We have not put up Academic All-state picture since 2004,” Brynaert admits. “We stopped doing it because every sport has a different criteria to get it. So we are going to take those pictures off the wall and make that section just as big as the other All-state section.”

After that wall gets filled Mr. Brynaert will need to use his thinking cap to find another solution.

“It is really nice knowing that I will be put up on the wall for all of Romeo to see,” Blankenburg said.

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