Olivia Sunderlik ’21: The Academies at Romeo High School work diligently to ensure that each student leaves ready to confidently pursue a selected educational career path. Romeo contains three academies: The Academy of Business, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation (BEI), The Academy of Design, Engineering, and Manufacturing (DEM), and The Academy of Health, Human, and Public Services (HHP). Within each academy, specialized pathways and programs exist to allow students to further explore their current area of interest and receive a taste of their futures beyond high school. This format provides a unique blend of academic challenges and skilled training within a productive and instructional atmosphere.  With these academic sectors and other educational programs, Romeo High School produces an environment that grants each learner the opportunity to explore their curiosities and reach success beyond graduation. 

The Business, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Academy, designed for students interested in finance, information technology and marketing, prepares learners for the world of business and management. Academy programs include Culinary, Accounting, Journalism, Web Design, Cyber Security, and Marketing. Each opportunity provides students with communication and presentation skills necessary for future careers in the business pursuit.

The DEM Academy, specialized for manufacturing, architecture, and media production, provides an environment for students to create and sharpen their skills. Students produce broadcasts in the Video Production program, automated devices in Robotics, infrastructure systems in the Architecture and Construction programs, and different tools in the various engineering classes. The DEM Academy yields an opportunity for students to use both their technical skills and creativity.

The HHP Academy focuses on education, health and law services and prepares students for a life of helping others. Students gain real medical experience through EMT clinicals, learn and apply law in the Law programs, and become student teachers through experiential learning classes. 

While separate from the traditional academies, the art programs at Romeo allow students to take part in Theatre, Choir, Pottery, Drawing, Painting, and related programs. These classes emphasize individuality and expression in order to provide students with a platform to explore their visionary interests.

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