Elizabeta Lulati ‘19: Financial Aid, something most students put on hold until the very last second, however FAFSA, Free Application for Federal Student Aid, remains a key factor in applying to colleges. For example, FAFSA provides support if a parent gets laid off and cannot support the college tuition. It’s very important to take the FAFSA ID and turn into the dean in order to get financial aid so the rest of the college expenses decline. Filling out FAFSA provides students with grants, work study opportunities, and loans. The form opened October 1st and the deadline ends no later than March 1st.

Romeo High School provides a list of non-local scholarships. Students chose from a variety of scholarships that cater to the personal interest of the student. Many of these scholarships require an essay to apply, so research the organization to understand its influence. Remember to stay on top of things because each scholarship deadline varies.

To find the list of non-local scholarships follow these directions: go to Romeo’s High School Page, put the cursor over ‘Our Schools’, then click on ‘Counseling Office’. After that just scroll down to ‘Non-local Scholarships’ to get the list.

Students not only get financial aid, but they also obtain the opportunity to receive academic or athletic scholarships to pay for most of their schooling.

Alexandra Konarzewski ‘19 worked very hard to get an athletic scholarship.

“It was my goal. I’ve been working towards this, even though I got a scholarship academically it gave me more money,” Konarzewski said. “After attending William Woods University I don’t plan on going professional. Having people come to my games to scout me gave me a lot more pressure, but it’s how you learn to react to the pressure you eventually end up getting use to it.”

In addition, Peyton Engstrom ‘19, striving since freshman year to accomplish her goals, reached her full potential.

“I’ve been working extremely hard for this, I ended up getting a full ride to Lee University,” Engstrom said. “I hope to play professional after college. Having people come to my games definitely played a key factor with how I played, it made me work a lot harder.”

As college expenses started rising over the years, it’s important to know things such as FAFSA and scholarships.

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