Isabella Capanda ‘19: The few weeks that follow spring break harbor a sense of doom to many students. During this troubling time, Juniors engage in a challenge powerful enough to establish their futures: the SAT. On April 10, 2018, juniors of Romeo High School faced this hardship head on to prove their college readiness. All of the studying, workshops, and preparation can finally come to an end. However, we are left asking ourselves, ‘Was it enough?’

So many students attended workshops to learn how to beat this monster of a test– myself included. We learned the ins-n-outs of the SAT as well as tips and tricks to aid us on this journey. What helped us the most is understanding that the SAT can be beat. The instructors really emphasized the idea that this test is just a game, you just need to know how to play. With this spark of hope, we left these workshops ready to study and prepare for the beast that is the SAT.

Of course Khan Academy and College Board help to prepare for the SAT, the final result depends on the students effort to utilize these materials. The range of work done by students ranges from spending hours studying daily to not doing anything at all. Although it is a tough test, the SAT defines your future. Which means that a students effort towards SAT prep reflects on their efforts towards the future.

“It wasn’t what I expected it to be,” said Julia Fadanelli ‘19. “If I had to rank it, I did the best on the essay, then the reading, then the math. I will be retaking it because I know I didn’t get the score I wanted.”

Many students went into the test banking on retaking it. Some said it was because they weren’t prepared; others, like Fadanelli, said that they didn’t get the score they wanted. Whatever the reason, there is no shame in retaking the test.

“I don’t think I did too bad,” said Ziarah Carrillo ‘19. “The test was very fair, so I think it could go 50:50. But as long as I get above 1000, I’m happy.”

As for me, I think I did alright. The SAT was difficult, as it should be, but I did my best. While many thought that the math section was the hardest, I disagree. There’s no other reason than my opinion because everybody is different. As such, the SAT will be different for everyone, but it will always be an obstacle in the way of your future. The best way to prepare for this battle is to practice, and practice you must.

The SAT is meant to try students in order to find the level of college readiness that they possess. As each student varies, so will the results and reviews. The SAT is a challenge but how you approach it will define the score you receive.

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