He Said

Max Lucci ‘16 To be entirely blunt, feminists have no place in our world today. In most modern workplaces women are treated with the same respect and equality shown towards men.

The 1920’s are over so pull up your skirts and focus on relevant topics. Women, instead of uniting with other women and fighting for a dead cause why not come together and work for issues that affect more than just half the population. What is it that you’re fighting for exactly?

At this rate you can’t fight for anything more without exceeding the power of men. And then we ask ourselves, are women rioting to be equal or to be ranked higher than men? I’m graded on the same scale as other female students, I was denied a job where other females were hired. Inequality is an irrelevant argument. Our human race is equal. There are much more prominent issues in the world than worrying about if your man will pay your bill or not. If you can vote, you can open your own door. There is no flaw in our balance of power, there are 31 women in our cabinet and others in positions of power all over the world.

We should be teaming up as men and women together, as one, to fight for things that affect us both, instead of constantly being in the pursuit of more power. We clearly are at an equal balance in today’s society, yet feminists are pushing for even more power, presenting themselves as if they have none. Women expect men to pick up the tab, give them their jackets and open every door for them. Do women want to be equal or royal? Where is the line drawn between expectations and reality?

These things all tip the scales in favor of women having equal, or what some may consider as more, power. The fact of the matter is that there’s nothing wrong with women having the same rights and place in this world, no one is saying women should be considered less than men. The problem is the need to have more than necessary, to continuously want to be the top dog.

Men aren’t fighting to be more than women, men aren’t disagreeing that we all should be equal. Women have gained a lot of power in society but unlike men they’ve decided to abuse it. Women use this power to heighten expectations of men, guilt trip for more power, and control every situation they are placed in. There is no battle of men versus women, just a lot of worked up women uniting for a lost cause and fighting for more than what is necessary.

So all you worked up ladies, focus your energy on more relevant topics instead of focusing on why women should have more power.


She Said

Megan Vandeberghe ‘16 – The best way to put this isn’t in the nicest fashion, but so be it. Since the dawn of time men have had the upper hand. Be it through nature or work of mankind, that’s the way things have always been. Who had to fight for their right to vote? Women. Who had to fight for equal wages? Women. Who wasn’t mentioned in the United States Constitution? You guessed it. “All men are created equal.” So where do us ladies fit in?

It’s pretty easy to laugh at a gender biased joke. It’s not like women lack a sense of humor. So cut the nitty-gritty and focus on the big picture. Feminists these days come in two fashions: the Feminazi, and the civil-rights-feminist. The only one society tends to acknowledge are the extremists, better known as the “Feminazis.” These are the women who, rather than laughing at your gender biased humor, will shun the jokester and give a speech on how women are considered “unimportant” and “second in line” in society. Don’t get me wrong, I completely agree that these women are not only uneducated hypocrites but slightly out of their right mind. They’re completely turning the tables so extreme to a point where they give off vibes that they want to take over the world. The feminazis fail to be effective feminists, and have clearly misinterpreted the meaning of the word.

The civil-rights-feminist, otherwise known as the true feminist, is silent among the crowd with her own beliefs, customs, and visions on the world to come for women everywhere. She sees a world in which wearing a semi-short skirt doesn’t make her any more obscene than a man walking around in his boxers.

To all of my fellow feminists out there: keep going at it. We aren’t equal to men yet, although we’re pretty darn close. No one else is going to close the gender gap, so it might as well be us.


Voice of Reason

Colin Rosni ‘16 Azja Stroud ’16 – The battle between the sexes is one that may never end. Men and women have this natural instinct to argue with each other. Now the arguments have reached an all time high as battles of power are fiercely brought to relevancy.

The constant need to represent ourselves with a negative connotation is an undying trait that, at this point, has practically embedded itself in our genetic makeup. Whether it’s the need to gain sympathy, or to just simply rank the most attention, this urge in us is undeniable. This habit found in all of us doesn’t define itself by meninist or feminist, gender, race, or religion. This habit is purely human tendency with a dash of conditioned thought pattern.

Social media feuds are spreading like wildfire, completely taking over the trending topics. One stance we all as one should take is that society shouldn’t be separated by gender but instead band together and fight for one general cause, humanity.

The focus shouldn’t be on who picks up the tab, or who does the laundry, but rather, how we can band together to fight broader issues. The blame game shouldn’t be how we draw conclusions. This child’s play only represents both the meninst and feminist arguments as unnecessary and rushed. Instead of battling against one another and hashtagging phrases like #YesAllWomen and #YesAllMen, the ultimate goal needs to be how we as people are as a whole, regardless of gender.

Where are the humanists? Where are the hashtags proclaiming that our gender does not define us, that our character is what should ultimately matter? Humanism is an ethical life stance, that wholeheartedly believes human beings have the right to be entirely equal. This cause is bound with the promise that we will do this only by coming together as one, never by segregating and defining specifically one gender with ranks of power.

A common ground we should stand on and agree upon almost religiously is that purposely oppressing ourselves further will result in no progress. The answer is to not throw a pity party, but to act out and voice our efforts rationally.


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