Seamans ‘24:With the holiday season approaching many students revisiting their favorite holiday movies. The ones that make them laugh all night long and the ones that make them cry tears of joy. 

With so many holiday movies out there, students definitely keep the ones that stick out the most to them close.

Lily Seamans ‘24 enjoys watching the Christmas Chronicles on Netflix. “I really enjoy the main idea of the movie and certain parts that make you laugh even when it shouldn’t be funny,” Seamans said. 

Seamans believes that the characters in this movie make it her favorite, “I also enjoy the connections between the characters” Seamans said. 

Madeline McCullough ‘24 loves the movie Elf. A story based on a guy who grew up as one of Santa’s elves and then realized he was put up for adoption and he goes on an adventure to find his birth parents. “It’s funny and it’s really entertaining. I love watching it with my family,” McCullough said. 

Seamans loves Christmas movies, but she also knows a few she dislikes. The Grinch for example falls on her list of dislikes.“The main character creeps me out and gives me nightmares. Also the people of Whoville look weird and are also creepy,Seamans said.

Megan Lackowski ‘24 enjoys watching A Christmas Carol with her family every year. “I like the movie because it’s entertaining to watch and it holds a good life lesson in it,” Lackowski said.

All in all the holiday season creates many happy and long lasting memories. Especially spending quality time with your family. Happy Holidays, and enjoy this christmas season with one of these amazing movies the students at Romeo love as well.

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