Chloe Lucci ‘19: With lights shining, and Christmas music playing from sun up to sundown on 100.3, holiday spirits fill rooms. Looking forward to a few weeks off of school and Christmas food in their futures, excitement swells up inside of students. Making plans for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, families come together to celebrate.

Everyone’s family experiences their own and different way of celebrating the holidays. Some families tear open presents and relax in the comfort of their own home, while others spend their time traveling to new and old places.

Senior, Ryan Peters, is excited to spend time with his family at his cabin up north.

“Every Christmas break I go up north, to Boyne, and snowboard and snowmobile all week,” said Peters ‘18.

Students look forward to traveling with their families and spending time out of school for a while.

Junior, Amanda Haio, looks forward to eating dinner at her aunt’s house this Christmas.

“The normal meal on Christmas is pacha,” said Haio ‘19. “My Aunt spends all day making it for my family.”

Many high school students stopped seeing Santa Claus years ago, but some still trek out to Partridge Creek to tell him what they want for Christmas.

“Every year I go the mall to visit Santa Claus and describe what I want the most for Christmas,” Ben Weber ‘20 said.

Students left with nothing to do this break, head to Campus Martius in Detroit for ice skating, or simply build a snowman outside.

Romeo News staff hopes everyone enjoys a safe and happy holiday season.

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