Allyson Berrios ‘20 and Elizabeta Lulati ‘19: As the leaves start to fall and the weather starts to cool, the fall lovers become excited for sweater weather and all the fun activities it brings. Many people enjoy watching scary movies by the fireplace, curled up into a ball with their fuzzy blankets, or even going to their favorite apple orchard and picking out bright red apples. Baking fall treats, apple picking, cider mills, and tailgating at football games tend to be some of the favorite activities people take part in during the month of October.

Logan Iafrate ‘20 enjoys watching his favorite sport, but that’s not the only thing he likes. He, like many, favor the delicious treats of the fall season.

“I love eating cinnamon donuts and drinking cider outside with the leaves falling,” Iafrate said. “I like going to Blake’s Cider mill with my grandma and grandpa and cousins.”

Brady Goralski ‘22 loves the fall season for something different then just donuts and cider.

“I enjoy watching and playing football because I’ve been doing it my whole life and it’s just fun to me,” Goralski said. “I watch it every weekend with my family and friends and we always root for our favorite team, the Lions.”

Others, like Mina Dunham ‘19, enjoy fall for outdoor activities and the beautiful scenery painted with the colors of Autumn.

“I really like camping in the fall because it’s cooler and marshmallows just taste better in the fall,” Dunham said. “My favorite place to camp is a park called Addison Oaks and I always end up going with my family.”

Haunted houses and hayrides continue to draw in crowds because of the thrill it gives to customers. Located on Romeo Plank Road in Armada, Slaughtered at Sundown remains a fan favorite for Romeo students as they gravitate towards this frightful experience that leaves them wanting more.

For audiences wanting to experience a more relaxing environment, cider mills, such as Blake’s Orchard and Westview Orchard, provide multiple events for family friendly fun. Offering many activities such as, haunted house, petting zoo, cider tasting, and pumpkin picking, cider mills leave costumers with a whimsical experience. Blakes, located on Center Rd and Armada, Westview, located on Van Dyke Rd, attract many students and families to their relaxing environments.

Regardless of students likes and dislikes, the season of Autumn brings friends and family together. With so many activities occuring in the Romeo area, there’s something for everyone to enjoy the fall season.

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