Alexandra Giordano ‘16- Travelling 4,249 miles all the way from Switzerland, foreign exchange student, David Wick ‘16, was excited to spend his senior year in a new place. Choosing to exchange in the U.S, a host family from our town chose David.  

“I got the opportunity and both of my sisters did it and I saw that they had a change in their lifestyle,” Wick said. “They had a new vision on the world and got to learn from a new country and compare it to their old country. Everyone that has the opportunity should take it. It’s an adventure.”

Ready to experience the culture of the United States, Wick was set on one thing. He wanted to play football at whatever school he went to.

“We don’t have football in Switzerland,” Wick ‘16 said, “so it’s the opportunity to play. In America it’s a huge sport. You hear about the Superbowl and games, and I wanted to be a part of it all.”

In Switzerland, school is much different than it is in the U.S. There are eleven classes a day in Europe, and usually all with the same people. The sports are different as well. There are only club sports, and the support is not comparable to sports here.

That’s why David was so excited to be a part of Romeo’s football team-and he came the perfect year. Romeo went all the way to Ford Field, and Wick helped bring the Bulldogs their first State Championship title.

“It hasn’t really sunken in yet,” Wick 16’ said. “I realize it’s huge what we have done. It’s like living in a dream. It’s kind of funny because I don’t know how to feel when you lose. I was really hurting when we lost against Ike. I’m happy we had such a good season because the team was so happy.”

Grateful to be a part of Team 90, David experienced something students dream of for years in only a few months. As unforgettable this year will be for all Romeo students, it will be that much more for Wick.


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