Paul Hurley 16’ – Romeo Basketball stole the show on Tuesday night, coming away with two wins. The boys and girls need to prove to the school and critics that they are capable of playing on the same level as the teams did last year. Low expectations and a high motor might be the key for the basketball teams this season.

A season opening win in front of your home crowd is the perfect way to start the year. Shooting the lights out of the ball, the Bulldogs ran away with a 65-45 win over long time rival Utica. Brad Sorenson ‘15 and Paxton Pfeil ‘15 combined for 38 points and contributed for 9 three pointers. Taking over the third quarter proved to be the turning point in the game. Many underclassmen contributed throughout the entire game.

“I was in the zone and it felt great. It feels great to start your season shooting that well,” Sorenson said. “Our team proved we are capable of accomplishing the same things as last year.”

The girls basketball team put together an even more exciting victory, taking all 32 minutes to decide the victor. Rebounding almost cost the team an important victory, but they were able to escape with a win. Junior Morgan Gardner won the game for the girls, laying the ball into the basket after a putback with no time left on the clock. Gardner added 8 points in the game and lead the team on the court.

“As a team we didn’t play as great as we usually do, but we kept working and we pulled away with a W,” Gardner said.

Both teams are now starting out the season undefeated. The girls are 3-0, while the boys are 1-0 on the season. Each team hopes to continue on success in their upcoming games.

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