Joelle Pfiel ‘17 – The Romeo High School Equestrian Team placed 6th at the State championship. The team consists of Elizabeth Barone ‘17, Miranda Losey ‘15, Jennelle Hess ‘17, Adriane Roder ‘16, Miranda Speer ‘18, Rachel Adhern ‘15, Cassidy Opitach ‘16, Nina Ifrate ‘18, Angie Giacamantonio ‘17, Monica Ogne ‘16, Dominique Kenarrd ‘17, Kristina Tarr ‘17, Katie Weymouth ‘18, Tina Weymouth ‘17, Courtney Pichette ‘17, and Steven Prokuda ‘17.

“District finals are hosted in Davisburg or Armada,” Pichette said. “Regional championships are in Mason, and the State meet is in Midland.”

The Equestrian Team learns all kinds of skills, training for several different types of events in preparation for their meets.

“There is English, Saddle Seat, Western, Jumping, Trail, Hunt Seat, Showmanship, and Speed,” Opitach says, describing the different riding styles the team uses.

The State featured a lot more competition, and an incredible amount of practicing was needed to prepare.

“I go to the barn and practice patterns for each of my classes,” Pichette said. “I go out to the barn every day for an hour in a half. The day before the show is very time-consuming. You have to ride, bathe your horse, and pack-up feed and tack for the show.”

Although the points and ribbons are for personal gain, they add up to get the team to a high ranking spot.

“Going to the shows are definitely a team effort and each placing is worth points,” Pichette stated.

The day before each show, the equestrians all wore the same shirt to show team spirit, displaying a great sense of camaraderie. After all, the team says that the most enjoyable part of being on the team was spending time with their horses, and with each other.

Congratulations to the Romeo Equestrian Team and their 6th place finish!

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