Jenna Knepper ‘21: Heading off on an exciting field trip, Romeo High School’s Emergency medical technician (EMT) and Emergency medical responder (EMR) classes get a chance to see how firefighters and police officers deal with catastrophe. On March 13 and 14, Mrs. Pile and Mrs. Philips took their students to Crossroads Church to participate in a mock mass casualty situation as the EMR’s created a fake church shooting.

Mrs. Pile and Mrs. Philips assigned injuries and told students their symptoms before the emergency medical responders arrived. Once on scene, the students dispersed and hid all around the church in order to mimic the state of a real shooting.

“My injury was a gunshot in the leg and I had to hide in the corner of a kitchen in the church. It was a crazy experience to see how serious these situations are and how the firefighters handle it so calm and smoothly,” said EMR student, Jena Haw ‘20.

Within minutes, the EMR’s attended to all “injured” patients and got them away from the scene. Eye opening for students, this trip let them see the reality of these situations and how prepared emergency medical responders deal with catastrophe.

“My favorite part of this trip was seeing how intense it really is when situations like that actually happen,” said EMR student, Isabella Rimkus ‘21. “All the EMR’s acted like there was a real shooting and would do everything they could like carry people up the stairs and even bandage their fake wounds.”

The field trip created a very meaningful experience because it showed students what their jobs possibly look like in the future. Even though participants saw all of the training and hard work that EMR’s go through, they also saw the reward that comes at the end when you save a life.

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