Abigail Price ‘20: The annual Oscar Academy Awards took place on the evening of Sunday, February 20, filling a room with some of the greatest A-list celebrities. Both fans and celebrities anticipated the winner of each award and enjoyed listening to the musical performances spread out throughout the show. Some performances included Billie Eilish and Elton John; however, one particular performance stuck out to the crowd due to the unexpectedness. In the midst of showing previous Best Original Song awards, Eminem emerged singing his famous award-winning song “Lose Yourself” from the movie 8 Mile. The surprise performance especially left Michiganders shocked as Eminem resides in Clinton Township, just a few miles away from Romeo.  

“The performance was cool because Eminem is from Michigan, specifically Detroit, so they showed a lot of Detroit things throughout the performance,” Lola Rahhal ‘20 said.

A screen projected behind the rapper showed flashbacks from the movie, 8 Mile, and pictures of Detroit which excited viewers in Michigan, especially the Detroit area. Despite the success of the performance, many celebrities and spectors became confused about the reasoning behind it. 

According to Time, people wondered why the performance got incorporated into the Oscars instead of the Grammy’s, or why it got included at all. Eminem won the Oscar for Best Original Song with the song “Lose Yourself” back in 2003, seventeen years ago. This left celebrities questioning the need for the featuring of the song at the Oscars again. 

“I think the surprise was a good idea because it is a hype song so people enjoyed the performance. It was a good surprise,” Rahhal said.

An interview with Eminem conducted by Rolling Stone explained that hesitation entered the rappers mind when asked about the performance. Unable to accept and perform his award back in 2003, Eminem accepted the offer to sing “Lose Yourself” at this year’s Oscars. With the release of his new album Music to Be Murdered By, breaking streaming services not long prior, the performance promoted the album well. 

Although causing controversy, the featuring of “Lose Yourself” at the Oscars ultimately led to a success. Expected by none, the song became a pleasant surprise for audience members to jam out to, and even more special for Michiganders viewing back home, feeling as if a part of them traveled to the award ceremony.

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