Jenna Knepper ‘21: Romeo High School recently introduced academy based learning practices at their new location on 29 mile and Jewell. Students get to choose what academy they feel best fits their interests and receive education geared towards their specific passions.

Emily Felstow ‘22, matched her future goals with a specific pathway and different classes to create a schedule that not only excites her, but prepares her for college and future jobs.

“I chose the Health, Human, and Public Services academy because I love working with people and I have always wanted to be a teacher” said Felstow.

Even though Emily’s goal of becoming a teacher fits perfectly with her pathway, she also wanted a way to fit her other passions into her schedule. Emily started baking at the age of 10 and decided to turn her love for making sweets into something bigger.

“I have a cupcake business called ‘Cupcakes by Em’. I sell my cupcakes to many people in Romeo. I started my business because I love baking and I thought it would be a fun way to share my love of baking with others” said Felstow.

At first, the difficulty to decide what academy Emily best fit in became a challenge with her multiple interests. After meeting with her counselor, Felstow felt ecstatic about the way her schedule fit all her needs perfectly.

“I take classes that prepare me to become a teacher through the HHP academy, but I can also take a culinary arts class in the business academy” Stated Feltow. “It is really great because I can do both things that are totally unrelated but help me specifically for what I want to do”.

Emily now feels certain that no matter which of her passions she chooses to pursue in the future, her specific schedule helps achieve that goal.

“If you don’t know what you want to do, just try something. That’s the good thing about the academies, we get the chance to try all of these new classes before we even go to college to hopefully give you an idea of what you are interested in” said Felstow.

Whether a student knows exactly what they want to accomplish in the future like Emily, or they need a little more time, the new Academy based learning that Romeo implements this year better prepares every student for an enriching year of education and a brighter future.

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