Morgan Brown ‘17 – The upcoming 2016 election is arguably the most interesting competition in history. With a fierce battle between two Democratic candidates and the Republican candidates narrowing down, the election has America buzzing, even among the younger generation.

In late 2015, the Republican field began with seventeen candidates. Now, the race has narrowed down to four.

On Friday, March 4th, Dr. Ben Carson dropped out of the race. Known for his intelligence and peaceful manner, Dr. Carson built his campaign around uniting the people and combating the divisions around the country.

“I would vote for Ben Carson because of his health care and tax ideas, and for how simple mannered and kind he is,” an anonymous sophomore said. “Even though he is not a politician, he demonstrates a great understanding of the American people and what would truly help them.”

Though the American people seem to crave for an outsider to have the presidential title, Mr. Donald Trump seems to be less popular among young voters and observers, especially in Romeo. After asking over thirty students, not one person supported Mr. Trump, or claimed they knew other students who did.

“He’s a businessman, not a politician,” Adam Lubinski ‘19 said. “Yes, he might help us financially, but he wouldn’t be able to successfully run the country.”

After his announcement that he would be part of the election, Mr. Trump’s popularity spiked. He even won the Michigan primary election. But as the race goes on, his likability decreases, especially among millennials.

Directly contrasting Mr. Trump, another candidate portrays a likable personality, but fails to gain momentum for his campaign. Governor John Kasich of Ohio is falling behind in the primary election race, with zero wins so far. However, he continues to ride the campaign trail, with a positive outlook on the voting patterns of further states.

“John Kasich’s rhetoric is positive which differs from everyone else,” Michael Bradley ‘17 said. “He distills hope rather than fear in Americans.”

While Governor Kasich, a more moderate candidate, focuses his campaign on the upper, Midwest states, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas chooses to embrace the more conservative South, where his momentum is strong. Currently, Senator Cruz’s campaign revolves around destroying Mr. Trump, claiming to be the only candidate at this point in the race who can beat both Mr. Trump and a democratic candidate. However, even through his persistence in grabbing the presidential nomination, Senator Cruz maintains a calm, mature professionalism, therefore gaining voters all across America.

“Compared to the other candidates, he seems like the most appropriate choice,” Paul Arnold ‘16 said. “He has lots of experience in political situations. I admire his policies, and he’s much more mature than other candidates.”

Not far behind Senator Cruz is Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, who held a recent rally in Michigan. Senator Rubio also argues that he can push Mr. Trump out of the race, as well as surge past a Democrat. Senator Rubio appeals to voters on all ends of the political spectrum, holding overall moderate views.

“I’m voting for Marco Rubio because he’s the most electable out of all the candidates, Republican and Democrat,” Cole Rapp ‘16 said. “When I think of all the candidates, I can find many major flaws with all of them, but I can’t find a major flaw with Rubio. Our next president needs to be someone who can bring us together, not an extremist who pits people against each other.”

Though every GOP candidate claims they have the votes to beat a Democratic candidate, both Mrs. Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont appeal widely to the typically liberal generation of young voters.

Senator Sanders, who recently held a rally in Michigan, inspired a massive turnout among new voters. Admired for his social policies and free college plan, Sanders has been imposing his views in Washington his entire career.

“I would vote for Bernie because I admire his political consistency,” Laura Catron ‘17 said. “He marched with Martin Luther King Jr., he has stood for LGBT rights, and he has stood for the same concepts of equality since he began. Basically, he’s not wishy washy.”

Though Senator Sanders is appealing to a high school and college aged audience, Democrats, in general, seem to be rallying behind Mrs. Clinton. Admirers of President Obama tend to appreciate Mrs. Clinton’s willingness to continue his policies and goals while making her own mark on the world.

“I stand with Hillary on almost every issue and she stands for sensible solutions, not unreachable goals,” Erin Silverthorn ‘17 said. “My political heroes support her. She has rallied the Democratic Party together for her, and to me, that speaks volumes.”
The election is coming fast, and the remaining candidates have everyone’s attention focused on them. As the topic of almost all recent news broadcasts, a media phenomenon, and an important decision for all voters, this election is crucial to the future of America, and provides an interesting way for young people to make their voices heard.

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