Austin Taseski ‘21: Teenagers now spend more time on their phones than ever before. The amount of screen time spent on the phone by students tends to show very high results. Especially now with social media, kids become very vulnerable to the internet.

A study done in room 706 with Mrs. Ruhlman’s newspaper and yearbook classes found that on average a student spends five hours and fifty minutes on their phone throughout the week. Data from the class shows: 54% of students spend the most time on Snapchat per day, 16% on Youtube, and another 16% on Netflix. Two of the most used apps also include Twitter and Messages.

Negative effects of too much screen time include loss of social ability and lack of motor skills. Many alternatives prevent themselves to reduce screen time. Going outside, spending time with family, and friends include some of ways to reduce screen time. The amount of time students spend on their phone starts unhealthy habits but positive outcomes still come through to spending time on your phone.

Students may develop relationships outside of school by texting friends and socializing to help improve bonds between new friends, but the negatives outweigh the positives.

Many students and teachers believe their screen time result to be a lot lower than they expect.

“I probably spend three to four hours on my phone but maybe more,” Adrianna Orlando ‘21 said.

Orlando spends four hours and twelve minutes on her phone per day on average, an increase from her original prediction.

John Carlin, a biology teacher at Romeo High School, approximated his screen time around two hours and eleven minutes. His actual screen time per day includes one hour and fifty-four minutes which compares way below the average screen time of students.

One student, Jacob Sebero ‘21, actually holds less than an hour of screen time at fifty-five minutes per day.

“Honestly I’m not on it that much and when I go home I’m usually playing xbox or doing something else to not go on it as much,” Sebero said.

According to,, on average people spend at least four hours per day on their phone.

If an individual spends four hours per day on their phone, about one-third of that time spent a normal individual stays awake. In those four hours create time for homework, spend time with your family or even work. Nowadays with technology society changed and the time people spend on their phone only rises as technology becomes more and more innovative.

Staying active and maintain physical wellness helps improve social interaction between friends and family. Many ways to limit time on your phone include, setting timers on certain apps to help stay off social media and games that distract students from completing more important tasks. Go outside more and use cell phones less!


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