Jenna Knepper ‘21: Life on the East Coast becomes more and more dangerous as tropical storms turn into an everyday fear. Due to current weather conditions, like Storm Gordon and Hurricane Florence, power outages and floods take over many popular vacation sites for Romeo students like Florida and Alabama. As storm Gordon passes, it also leaves its mark on Mississippi and Arkansas, leaving them with ten inches of rain and over a thousand homes without power.

According to Channel 6 News Philadelphia, PA, a family in Pensacola, Florida, thought the safety of their home protected them from danger; however, when a massive tree smashed into their house, it took the life of their newborn baby.

These tragedies become all too common as Hurricane Florence picks up right where storm Gordon ended. Predicted to become a category four hurricane, Florence creates dangerous surf conditions and life threatening riptides all along the coast. Romeo High School student, Alexzandrea Sovoljanski ‘21, knows the threatening weather of the East Coast all too well.

“I was born in Covington, Georgia and lived there for three years.” Sovoljanski ‘21, stated. “It’s a crazy and really weird feeling.”

As everyone tries to predict the full effects of Hurricane Florence, the Romeo Community continues to show sympathy and support for all those on the East coast.


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