Brooke Lynn Tremblay ‘17: Every April 22nd we celebrate Earth Day. Fill your recycling bins, pick up that piece of trash, shorten your shower, unplug your charger, be conscious. The problem is, that mentality is only celebrated once a year. Environmental issues are a growing, imminent threat and we must make each passing day count. The topic of climate change is one that is getting serious media attention for the contrary opinions regarding its existence. Many scientists have presented real facts to validate the claim, but many people are still left unconvinced. The years of study and research being so quickly denied left these scientists and supporters frustrated, resulting in the March for Science. This was a protest in which people took to the streets to emphasize and advocate the need for a cleaner Earth, while also trying to influence people to accept science.

Here at Romeo, we have a student body full of students who want to contribute, but not enough of them are speaking up. It wasn’t until the botany class came up with the idea to make our school a little more eco-friendly that change seemed evident.

“In the fall, I had my students develop a plan of what they would want the courtyard to be like. They went out and they did observations of what it is and we talked about what it could be,” Reinas said.

The class plans to come up with a blueprint for our courtyard and then collaborating with local businesses who would be willing to help execute it. The new courtyard will hopefully become a part of the botany class curriculum, and may offer edible options too. Upon the school’s switch, the class hopes that teachers will be willing to keep up with it’s maintenance.

“It’s going to be a work in progress. I’m hoping that if I am teaching botany and zoology next year that we can make that more of a priority and start with the ideas that were constructed this year,” Reinas said.

Other ideas have been thrown around, one being a possible ‘clean-up day’ in upcoming years on the second week in May. These changes are pertinent in altering the dynamic of the school, as well as the mentality of the students in it. Just one small change can domino into so much more, all it takes is some creative minds, and the hope for a cleaner tomorrow.

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