Isabel Tarnutzer ’21: While many people boast of having hobbies, only a small few hold the ability to turn something they love into a business. Addison Heimbuch ‘21 holds a spot as one of those few. After receiving clay as a Christmas gift, Heimbuch began creating clay earrings for fun. In doing so, she discovered a love for the craft. So much so that she decided to begin selling her unique creations. Through social media promotion and word of mouth, Heimbuch’s brand, AddyPaigeClay, exploded. Her cute and simple designs lured many to her social media pages. In only a few weeks, Heimbuch’s hobby became a full-blown business. 

“I love being able to see everyone wear my earrings whether it be in pictures or walking around school. It has been so cool being able to share something I love to do with people,” Heimbuch said.

In just one month of selling her creations, Heimbuch sold over 87 earrings. Such an unexpected influx of business in such a short time period took Heimbuch slightly by surprise. 

“I saw another girl selling earrings with crystals on them, and they had the tiniest little clay slab and I was obsessed with them… I needed something new to do. I wasn’t planning on selling them but here we are,” Heimbuch said.

While such massive popularity for AddyPaigeClay took Heimbuch by surprise, converging in support of a local business remains a longstanding tradition in the Romeo community. The bursting popularity of her shop drives Heimbuch and keeps her motivated. 

“All of the people in Romeo or neighboring towns who have bought my earrings or even just said how much they loved them are the reason I’ve been so successful. They’re the reason my business is growing, and everytime someone tells me how much they love them it motivates me to want to do more for the business,” Heimbuch said.

While balancing her new business with school and work provides stress at times, Heimbuch only expresses joy and optimism towards her blossoming business. When asked if she holds any advice for others things of starting a business Heimbuch provided a simple but resonate reply;

“Do it because you love it, not because you just want some extra cash in your back pocket,” Heimbuch said.

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