Alexandria Malcolm ‘17- Following the crash on M-53 this past weekend, and the so called unavoidable accidents that scatter the Romeo High School parking lot in the afternoon, it is safe to say that the basic rules of driving have been lost on many.

“I think people should drive safe, so they don’t hurt anyone else and have someone’s life messed up for a silly reason.” Ashleigh Motologin ‘17 said.

According to, On Friday, September 23 at approximately 4:23 p.m, the Shelby Township Police Department responded to a crash on M-53 between 23 and 24 mile that shut down the expressway both directions. A 44 year old man from Capac driving Southbound on M53 crossed the median towards Northbound traffic and collided with a 37 year-old man from Memphis in a Chevy Malibu. The 37 year-old was pronounced dead at the scene and the 44 year-old was taken to the hospital with severe injuries. They have yet to confirm if drugs and alcohol were involved in this fatal accident.

“Especially after this weekend, I feel that it is really important to drive safe and not hit anybody. That is the number one thing.” bus driver for Romeo Community Schools. Diane Palazola said.

A tragic event that no doubt affected the community and the loved ones surrounding the two drivers, but an event that draws an important life lesson. In the four short weeks surrounding the beginning of the school year, parking lot drivers racked up many accidents, accidents that could have been prevented. In a school wide email sent out by Principal Osebold, he reminds students of the safe driving techniques that should be in practice. Although many rules need to be remembered, here are a few highlighted by Mr. Osebold in his email,

  • Drive safely in the parking lot and on the road
  • Follow all parking lot rules
  • Once you have left your parking spot, stay in your car
  • Expected school behaviors extend to parking lot as well. There is no need to yell, swear, honk horns, rev engines, etc

Although none of the accidents in the parking lot pale in comparison to last Friday’s accident, it shows what results from reckless driving.

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