Giulianelli ‘22: The Met Gala 2021 remains one of the biggest fashion events of the year. Designers, models, and Hollywood stars all gather to compete for media coverage. The Met Gala marks the opening of the Costumes Institute exhibition where guests choose their fashion based on the theme of the event. Not only that, but fundraising money for the newly-founded Costume Institute. 

Every fall, Romeo High School hosts a homecoming dance, exciting a majority of students. Each year, the students vote on a theme and the theme taking the most votes wins. Two years ago, the theme chosen was Halloween, considering the holiday took place that weekend. This event brings everyone together, gives them the opportunity to dress up, and dance the night away.

Both the Met Gala and Romeo’s homecoming symbolize important events where everyone dresses to impress. Each year, everyone competes for the best outfit. 

Head German teacher Frau Page loved this year’s outfits.“Lil Nas X was my favorite because he had a personal story and revealed himself. The final look brought everything together,” Page said.

Sophia Bauman ‘22 favored one person in particular. “I got to say, Billie Eilish’s look was one of my favorite’s because it was very elegant and was inspired by Marilyn Monroe which i liked,” Bauman said. 

Meanwhile, Carsyn Boggio ‘thought differently. “Anok Yai was by far my favorite look of the night. It was so pretty and overall was different from the other guests,” Boggio said.  

Both events mean and impact something more or less.The Met Gala goes beyond raising money and impressing social media. It displays the work of fashion and art all in one.

At Romeo, fundraising allows this event to happen. For example, the school sells apparel to students which helps raise money to make this dance possible.

Overall, the Met Gala and Romeo’s homecoming each make for a successful and joyful event.

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