Haley Golembiewski ‘20: Seasons change causing outfits to change as well; from hoodies to tank tops, jeans and sweatpants to shorts. As warm weather approaches, students begin to become more relaxed on what they wear and need to be reminded of the dress code. Listed in the handbook, students can find what clothes are/are not acceptable for school. The dress code can be found in the student handbook or on the Romeo Community Schools website. Here are a few things to remember while picking out your outfit in the morning:

The most common violation of the dress code includes shorts that do not meet the required fingertip length and tops that show the students shoulders, including tank tops and cut out shirts.

The consequences of a dress code violation consist of different degrees of severity. The ramifications of getting ‘dress coded’ can result in anything from a warning, like being told to change or not wear the outfit again, all the way to receiving a detention.

Not many students at Romeo High School, however, agree with the dress code.

“I mean I get why the dress code is there but I think at some times it is a little extreme,” Ariana Scott ‘20 said. “I don’t get why we can’t wear tank tops or shorter shorts as long as they aren’t inappropriate or your butts hanging out.”

This is a common thought throughout the students of Romeo High School.

“I think that it would be fine to relax the dress code some as long as people don’t take advantage of it,” says Madison Mattei ‘20.

Although students have these opinions, rules are rules and must be followed no matter how students feel about them.

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