Brendan Banach ’16: Seeing double, that is the current problem for MAC Red girls basketball coaches.

Audrey ‘19 and Olivia Medaugh ‘19 are identical twins on the varsity basketball team. They own an unique connection on the floor, that not many teammates share with each other.

“They have a special bond,” Taylor Mueller ‘16 said. “They always know where each other are on the floor at all times.”

Basketball is in their blood.

All three of their older brothers played varsity basketball for Romeo, so it was only a matter of time before these twins would star on the varsity team.

Playing together their whole life, these girls are two peas in a pod.

“I am used to having Olivia out there with me,” Audrey said. “We have been playing together as long as I can remember.”

Making the varsity team as Freshman is just a footnote on their list of goals. Audrey and Olivia both have big dreams and expectations for one another.

“Our goal is to one day start alongside each other,” Oliva said. “The biggest thing we strive for and have been talking about for the longest time is the opportunity for us to both be named All state. It would be a surreal feeling to walk down the halls and see my sister and I on the wall.”

Audrey and Olivia will continue pushing each other towards their goals, and will continue to make opposing coaches look twice.

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