Joelle Pfeil ‘17 – Many high school students think they’re under a lot of stress. Their classes and extracurricular activities seem to dominate their lives. Now, imagine going to both high school and college while also balancing everything else in your life. Romeo student Autumn Klein ‘15 experiences both a demanding morning at the high school and a busy but enjoyable afternoon at Macomb Community College.

“At Macomb, I take Psychology and Sociology,” Klein said.

The biggest difference between high school and college, she says, is the class structure.

“It’s hard to adjust to taking lecture notes,” Klein shares. “It’s important to pay attention in class and extremely important to read the lesson before class so you understand what your professor is talking about.”

While it takes a lot of work, Klein wouldn’t trade her opportunity for anything. Regardless of the rigor, she doesn’t feel too much pressure and continues to successfully handle college and high school simultaneously.

“I wouldn’t say there is a lot of pressure,” Klein said. “I am pretty motivated because I love the classes I’m taking, so that definitely helps.”

Many people say that schooling gets easier and more enjoyable as it goes along; high school trumps middle school, and the same is true with college and high school. In some ways, Klein agreed.

“Not easier, but much more enjoyable,” Klein said.

Although early college presents itself as a great responsibility to take on, she’ll benefit later from an 8 credit head start. As Klein already knows what she wants to do as a career, going to college early is made much easier.

“I want to major in early elementary education or criminal psychology,” Klein said.

While her career of choice may seem quite demanding, she enjoys working with children. Klein will continue to do “double time” at both Romeo High and Macomb Community College for the rest of the year.

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