Abigail Price ‘20: As January turns to February, stores begin to fill with Valentine’s Day gifts and decorations. Anticipated by couples and dreaded by singles, the day of love approaches quickly. Whether chosen to celebrate or not, many date options become available for couples this time of year. 

Fancy Dinner: 

Take your boyfriend or girlfriend out for a nice dinner at a new or fancy restaurant to make the night special. Restaurants nearby such as The Rochester Chop House make for a delicious and romantic dinner, as well as providing the opportunity to walk around downtown Rochester after eating your yummy meal. 

Ice Skating: 

In the midst of winter, ice rinks remain available for use and provide the perfect date idea for Valentine’s Day. A fun winter activity, ice skating ensures a great time around the rink with your loved one. Places such as Campus Martius in downtown Detroit contain both the excitement of skating along with the breathtaking city views of Detroit. However, going to the nearby Onyx or Suburban ice arenas provide just as much fun.


Dozens of new movies get released each month, providing many options for people to enjoy a new story to watch. Attending a movie with your significant other gives you a perfect, chill date idea for Valentine’s Day. Places such as Emagine theatre or MJR even provide reclining chairs to give even more comfort for your romantic, relaxing evening. Even if you prefer spending the night in with your loved one, watching a marathon of all your favorite movies gives you an easier, but equally enjoyable date. 

Sports Game:

Whether your favorite professional team plays or you support a high school team, attending sporting events always serves a guaranteed exciting night. The Detroit Red Wings or Pistons always provide entertainment for the night, win or lose. Also, the Romeo boys basketball team takes on Utica on Valentine’s evening, so you could show up for an exciting game. 

The day of love gives a designated day of opportunities for couples to enjoy a special date together. Whether a chill movie marathon or an exciting sports game, be sure to spend quality time with your significant other this Valentine’s Day.

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