Katelynn Medley ‘20: Another All-State title frame is hung on Romeo’s legendary wall of fame. Dominic Todaro ‘19, placed 8th at the State Wrestling meet. In weight class 125, Todaro ‘19  now holds the title of one of the best in the state.

They say third time’s the charm, and for Todaro ‘19 that holds true. Todaro has gone to States all three years and finally has gained the title his junior year.

“I went to States freshman, sophomore, and junior year,” Torado ‘19 said. “I finally placed top 8 my junior year and hope to also place my senior year.”

Achieving an All-State champ title doesn’t come easy and simple, but with dedication and training.

“In addition to practicing with the team, my dad and I had practices over the weekends and I followed a strict diet,” Todaro ‘19 said.

Stepping on to the mat in Ford Field, Todaro faced the pressuring crowds and environment.

“It’s very overwhelming and exciting to be there,” Torado ‘19 said. “It’s also very nerve racking. I try to look at it as just another normal meet, which I think helped me place.”

Todaro has wrestled for years. He has found a passion in the sport and it has become a large portion of his life.

“I grew up with it. My dad is really big on it, he wrestled in college and also one of the coaches for the high school’s team,” Torado ‘19 said. “I’ve been wrestling since I was like five, so it’s always been a big part of my life.”

Todaro hopes to achieve another All-State title his senior year and perhaps carry on wrestling into college.

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