Giovanna Ruffino ‘19: Dominic Todaro ‘19 accomplished many things throughout his high school career, specifically his senior year, placing seventh in the state for wrestling. Todaro not only qualified for states his senior year, he qualified every year of high school, placing eight in the state junior year.

As a four time state qualifier, all of his hard work and efforts paid off. However, as any good athlete believes, Todaro expected more out of himself.

“It would be better to be a four time state placer and I wish I placed higher but I still feel accomplished,” Todaro said.

Wrestling means more than just a sport to Todaro, considering the impact of it on his life the past 13 years. Romeo wrestling provided him with friends and many learning experiences.

“It was a great experience and I learned a lot throughout the years, I had a lot of fun with wrestling,” Todaro said.

Dominic Todaro made his last season of Romeo Wrestling one to remember, leaving a great impact in Romeo. Similar to his past, a bright and successful future lies ahead of him.

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