Madison VonHiltmayer ‘18 – Every year Romeo High School dedicates numerous sporting events to those who have fought the tough battle of cancer. In these unique games, commonly known as Watchdog games, athletes from each sport honor and support the survivors and the victims of cancer. Representing their loved ones, the athletes wear uniforms that have their victims names on the back. Needless to say, these games are touching and quite powerful, while flowers and big hugs are given out as a token of love and appreciation.

On Tuesday, September 27th, the Romeo varsity volleyball team plays against Eisenhower at home for their cancer game. Not only playing to win, the Bulldogs battle for all the warriors who faced cancer first hand.

“I am playing for my grandpa, he died of prostate cancer,” Jennifer Phillips ‘19 said. “He was such an inspiration and role model to me. He was the most kindhearted and sweetest person I have ever known.”

“I am playing for my uncle who is suffering from pancreatic cancer,” Peyton Engstrom ‘19 said. “I am really close to him and it means a lot to be playing for him.”

“I am playing for my Great Aunt Marcia,” Kamryn Duffield ‘18 said. “She had a tough battle against breast cancer, but she’s a survivor.”

“I am playing for my Aunt Colleen who had thyroid cancer,” Brooke Cellusnak ‘18 said.

“She is a survivor and lives in California now, I am glad to be playing for her, I love her very much.”

“I am playing for my Grandma Pat and my Pa,” Jodie Kelly ‘17 said. “I’m playing for them because they both overcame breast cancer and I admire their strength and I want to make them proud.”

Cancer, an awful thing that no one should have to suffer through, affects millions of people each year. However, when the whole community comes together to recognize and honor all those who have been affected, it is a beautiful thing. This Watchdog game will not be a game to miss.

Come out to RHS tonight at 7pm to support the volleyball team and defeat cancer!

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