Jenna Knepper ‘21: A lawsuit against Detroit public schools aims to improve not only the quality of education for students, but the environment and staff that create their schooling experience. Anything but rushed, this lawsuit finally becomes a reality after years of complaints and violations from various schools in Detroit, Michigan. 

NBC news covers the story of a boy who feels that his time spent in High School failed to prepare him for the future. 19 year old, Jamarria Hall, feels that something needs to change in order to improve education for students. 

Students were taught from materials labeled for third or fourth graders, and where long-term substitutes showed movies instead of teaching” said NBC news.

A law professor at the University of South Carolina, Derek Black, researches educational rights and constitutional law. Black states that this lawsuit could result in “enormous, almost earth-shattering change in terms of educational funding and educational opportunity.”

NBC news recalls when the case was first filed three years ago stating the “appalling conditions” like “rodent-infested, crumbling schools”. If this lawsuit passes, students gain the right to attend schools with standards of quality that promote educational growth and prepare students for a better future.

Although this lawsuit directly addresses issues in Detroit public schools, education programs around the country feel the effects. This lawsuit gives schools around the United States the opportunity to demand educational opportunities denied to them. 

With the Detroit Public Schools Lawsuit in action, students and their families look to the future where healthy environments and enriching material promote educational growth and improve the lives of students.

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