Claire Spitz ‘20: A steady buzz of excitement surrounds our small town of Romeo. Our annual cancer game taking place in just a few days, Romeo High School’s hallways full of students once again, and Peach Festival just wrapped up. Luckily, in the midst of all the chaos, one steady force continues approaching: The Academies at Romeo.

A brand new system to the district, as well as the state of Michigan, finally coming into fruition. An academy-based learning style, the new Academies at Romeo gives students a chance to thrive with curriculum personalized to their specific career goal. These academies vary from business to human services, and provide a prepared future for each student of Romeo High School.

With two years of work under their belt, our driven advisors radiate confidence moving forward, and show excitement in sharing their passion project with their neighbors, students, colleagues, and friends. In this Designation Ceremony, they plan to showcase what The Academies at Romeo embody, and the positive light it sheds on all current and future learners.

There is no better day for this innovative event then on one of Romeo’s favorite traditions, the Watchdog Game. From 5:00pm-7:00pm the opening ceremony begins, putting the project into full swing. With the whole community invited, it includes the special ceremony itself, followed by a selection of tastings from Romeo’s finest local restaurants.

With not only the near future to look forward to, Romeo looks forward but for years to come as well. Our town’s gratefulness for our bulldogs will only skyrocket from here.

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