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When students picture Mrs. Balsdon, they often think of an enthusiastic, committed teacher whose lessons bring a new aspect of learning to the classroom. Mrs. Balsdon is dedicated to her students, and ensures that her varied teaching methods aid students of all learning styles. It is for these reasons that Balsdon was named Staff Member of the Month for December, 2013.

Mrs. Balsdon attended Wayne State University and graduated in 2003. Balsdon has been teaching English classes at RHS since then, and it’s currently her 11th year in the field. She teaches English 11 and 12 as well as AP English Language and Composition for junior and senior students.

 Over the years, Balsdon has developed a unique way of relating to her students that helps them feel comfortable participating in class.

Brendan Cieslik (12) is currently enrolled in Balsdon’s AP Language class. He believes that her enthusiasm about learning and dedication to her students make her worthy of the achievement.

“She really connects with all of us because she’s so enthusiastic and outgoing. I’ve never had a teacher get excited about grammar before,” Cieslik said.

What sets Balsdon apart is her devotion to each individual student’s success. She believes that each student learns differently, and her varied lesson plans focus on the many different learning styles that students possess. Gianna Giacoletti (12) was in Balsdon’s AP Language class last year and enjoyed the numerous methods of instruction.

“Each lesson was really different. Sometimes we would write on the board, sometimes we would get in groups and move around the class. And she was always walking around and interacting with us instead of just sitting at her desk,” Giacoletti said.

Seeing students progress and improve is Balsdon’s favorite part of the job. She takes pride in her students and their willingness to develop their skills and participate in class. Not only does she provide the information, but she also consults each student individually and ensures that they master the concepts.

“My favorite part of teaching is watching my students grow as both individuals and as writers.” Balsdon said.

The award came as somewhat of a surprise for Balsdon. She felt like she was only doing what she loves and helping students improve themselves. She humbly accepted her award as Staff Member of the Month.

“I feel very honored for the award,” Balsdon said.

On behalf of the Romeo Administration, Faculty, Students, and Community, we congratulate Mrs. Balsdon on her award and look forward to more prestigious honors in the future!

Hannah Holliday ’15 – Opinion Editor

For Mrs. Cubitt, teaching isn’t just her job, it’s the way she is able to impact many lives, continuously meet new people, and learn new things everyday. Many students agree that Mrs. Cubitt is an energetic, diligent, and passionate teacher who values her students and school, awarding her the honor of being named the December 2013 Staff Member of the Month.

“I feel honored being nominated as a Staff Member of the Month, especially considering all of the extraordinary people I work with.  All of us work hard to make Romeo High School a great place to work and learn,” Cubitt said.

Her successful teaching career began at Michigan State University where she earned a bachelors degree in English and Social Science. Continuing her education as a Spartan, she received her masters degree in teaching and curriculum along with her teaching certificate. She has been an accomplished teacher for eight years, calling Romeo High School home for seven of those years.

Teaching History and English at the RETC has taught her to not limit herself to standard methods of teaching. She incorporates powerpoints and videos along with book work instead of just traditional lecturing.

“She always had fun activities put together to help us understand the lesson, instead of just reading out of the book or lecturing,” Gianna Giacoletti (12) said.

Mrs.Cubitt is always more than willing to aid her students. She devotes free time to providing tutoring or extra assistance when one is struggling.

“Mrs.Cubitt always made sure the whole class understood the learning material before moving on,” Megan Greb (10) said.

Along with being a great teacher, student’s know her as one of the nicest people you will ever meet. She is the kind of person who cares for her students’ futures and really takes the time to get to know them.

“She always knows how to connect with the students and is one of the most down to earth teachers at the RETC,” Jennifer Palka (11) said.

With the Staff Member of the Month Award, Mrs. Cubitt will continue to proudly be part of   Romeo High School and the Romeo Community, dedicating time to helping the students of Romeo achieve success.

“Romeo High School and its students stand apart from other schools by the sense of community and pride that has been established.  We offer such a wide variety of academic and extracurricular activities that connect our students beyond grade levels, and shows our dedication to helping one another succeed,” Mrs. Cubitt said.

On behalf of the Romeo Administration, Faculty, Students, and Community, we congratulate Mrs.Cubitt on her award and look forward to more prestigious honors in the future!

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