Sarah Spuz’ 17, BrookeLynn Tremblay ’17-  The Romeo Dawg Pound Twitter has accumulated a large following for its constant updates on school events. Maintaining such an active account requires management by an informed Bulldog who knows their fellow Dogs’ dynamic, and has a passion for supporting the team.

“We think it’s important to have the student section dress up for the games to get the team fired up and show them support,” an anonymous Dawg Pound member said.

With this account comes a lot of responsibility, and there is more to it than one would think. Planning amongst a group of trusted friends, weekly themes are sorted and soon come to life, offering a feeling of pride.

“There are a couple themes that we’ve had planned out for a while now,” one Dawg Pound member said. “We usually come up with ideas a while in advance.”
Coming together as a school is important, and since social media plays such a large role in the lives of our generation, using a platform like Twitter is a great way to commune in a modern and efficient way. If interested, follow the Twitter account @romeodawgpound

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