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A vast body of students in a tidal wave of emotions dispersed ungraciously through 9 flimsy rows of bleachers.

For some it’s their opportunity to get out of the house, for others it’s their chance to be a part of a team.

From middle schoolers to seniors, everyone comes together in a mirage of red and white, flaunting their raspy voices and school spirit, in hopes of reaching the common goal. Victory.

Your arch enemy wears opposing colors, the referees are either your friend or a foe, and your army is nearly 300 strong on all sides. Cheering and chanting for those 5 athletes who represent the same 2 colors, the same proud school, and the same small town family found within Romeo High School.

The intensity, pride, and emotion of a packed student section just may be the determining factor in a critical game.  Whether they are the 6th man on the court, or the 12th man on the football field, students everywhere are coming together for a winning cause.

Romeo’s most determined individuals travel great distances, and brave any weather to help motivate, and cheer on their teams. The build up and pride of the Romeo High School student section is one not found in every school district.

“Being one of the smallest schools in the area is kind of intimidating, while we not be the underdog on the court, we are almost always in the stands,” Jack Smith (12) said.

Showing up at sporting events and cheering on their peers is a time to make memories with fellow friends and classmates, while also giving your team a loud and rambunctious advantage.   No matter the end result, a cringing last second shot or a twenty point win, Romeo’s Dawg Pound will always stand as one.

“It’s just so huge, the spirit is 100% and the enthusiasm is there.  The student section helps the players perform, we have the best student section in Michigan,”   Romeo High School’s Boys Varsity coach Marvin Cushingberry said.

The student section has many tasks and goals come game time.  Whether it’s a Friday, or Wednesday night one thing you can count on is a loud, and motivational student section.

“We got a couple goals, give our school motivation and also to make the other team mess up as much as possible,” Phalen (12) said.

Romeo’s Dawg Pound has granted our athletic teams the opportunity to play in an entertaining setting, while always keeping energy levels high.

“They put the other team down and help our team’s momentum significantly. It gets the gym so hype and its just a great atmosphere to play in,” Davis (12) said.

Romeo High School’s student section has brought the intensity and momentum from the football field, to the volleyball court, to the basketball court.  The Dawg Pound is making Romeo a tough place to play in. Romeo High Schools student section stands with their team rain or shine, loss or win, representing the very ideals found within our small town community.

Photo by Arianna Compo ’14

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