Mr. Slava and Dawg Days – Leanna Harris ‘18

Recently, signs plastered all over Romeo High School’s walls raised questions amongst students. The signs read “#DawgDays,” and include more information about the newest trend here at Romeo. Students who follow one of Romeo’s longest employed staff members, Mr. Slava, have also seen his tweets about Dawg Days. If you haven’t gotten the run down, here’s a look into what Dawg Days is and all it encases.

Dawg Days, a small project formed by RHS staff, aims at bringing the school together. Essentially, it’s a spirit day that takes place every Thursday. Last month, the staff had an innovation dinner, and created Dawg Days.

“The idea of Dawg Days was something that comes from several ideas tossed about at the ‘Innovation Dinner’ last month,” Erwin Slava, RHS staff member, said. “Several teachers were looking at little gimmicky ways of showing a little school spirit and unity for the school.”

However, students are not the only participants. Teachers are also encouraged to take part in Dawg Days. Encompassing the whole school instead of just one or two specific groups of people, Dawg Days stands out from any other in-school activity.

“Dawg Days is hopefully something both students and staff could catch on to,” Slava said. “So we picked one day a week, Thursday, that we’d start off small embracing some sort of rallying point for the school. It’s not intended to be associated with any sport or club, but instead just something that everyone could support.”

When little events like Dawg Days begin to pop up, not everyone always catches wind of it. Slava stays hopeful that Dawg Days will pick up speed and become successful within Romeo High School.

“Since we’ve never tried this, I’m not sure about the initial success,” Slava said. “Hopefully, as time goes on, students will become more aware of this little, catchy thing, and like it. It’s just something different. It’s meant, like I said, to promote unity and spirit and to add a little twist to the week.”

This upcoming Thursday, March 23, students decided on the theme of college gear day. Slava incorporated his own students into deciding the theme. They make a collective effort to keep the themes reasonable and simple.

“The themes are decided by my twelfth graders,” Slava said. “We all come up with the themes. Nothing elaborate, and hopefully something everyone has in their wardrobe.”

Updates on themes and dates as well as catchy reminders are found on Mr. Slava’s Twitter.

“We’re promoting it through Twitter,” Slava said. “Since I was a part of the group that came up with the idea, we decided that since I already was using Twitter to convey messages to my students, why not use that and then just have the followers retweet the messages. If the students and staff go to @slava12agenda, they’ll see various messages starting off with #dawgdays.”

Similar to Charity Week, music will be played at all lunches, and as Dawg Days grows, they hope to integrate other activities as well.

“The big thing is: retweet those #dawgdays tweets!” Slava said.

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