Cameron Kemp ‘19: The official Ski Halfpipe event took place on February 22, and the United States looked to finish very well. Their top skier, David Wise, a four time X-Games gold medalist, also won the inaugural halfpipe competition in Sochi, Russia in 2014. Alongside Wise, Alex Ferreira was born to take place in the Winter Olympics considering he grew up in Aspen, Colorado.

Wise didn’t start off as expected, taking a fall on his first two runs due to kit issues, scoring only a 17.00 on the first run and a lousy 6.40 in his second run.

Ferreira on the other hand, had two very successful runs to start off, scoring a 92.60 in run one and a very stout 96.00 in his impressive second run.

Coming into their final runs, Wise looked to overcome the issues that took place in his earlier two runs to defend his gold medal. In order to snatch the gold, he would need to overcome fellow American, Ferreira, who completed a score of 96.40. Wise rose up to his expectations and completed a near flawless third and final run with an incredible score of 97.20 to defend his gold medal and give the United States both the gold and silver medals. Coming just behind them, New Zealand’s 16 year old, Nico Porteous, sitting in second before Wise’s final run. He oddly didn’t attempt a final run to improve on his score of 94.80 which resulted with him taking the bronze medal.

“I’m honestly in disbelief right now,” Wise said after his performance. “Winning, losing, whatever, just the fact that I landed that run in the moment when it needed to happen, on that third run, just felt so good.”

Wise and Ferreira played a part in the United States medal count moving their count up to 21 medals, putting them in fourth place, behind Norway with 35, Germany who has 25, and Canada with 24.


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