Abby Buchanan ’14 – Entertainment Editor

On Saturday, September 28th, Romeo Varsity Dance team collaborated with Stevenson’s Varsity Dance Team to create one united halftime dance at the second Gridiron Classic at Ford Field. A total of 32 girls danced together for the first half of the performance and then divided into their two separate teams to face their home sides. Romeo Dance had never before joined with another team for a single halftime routine until now. Jessica Rogers, one of Romeo’s Varsity dancers, was excited to dance with Stevenson.

“It’s a great opportunity for all of us to dance with others and get to know how to dance with other people that we usually don’t dance with,” Rogers (11) said.

Romeo and Stevenson seized this opportunity to exceed the expectations of each team. After the routine, both teams received several compliments for coming together for the special occasion.

“I think it was a good experience for all of us,” Rogers said.

Although these two teams were divided during the game, halftime showed that two huge communities can put their differences aside and take advantage of the tremendous opportunity to play on one of the NFL’s professional fields.

Above: The Romeo and Stevenson Dance teams came together to make the most of a historic event. Photo Credit: Chelsey Lerchen


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