Austin Taseski ‘21: The girls varsity dance team competed this past weekend on January 26th in Royal Oak, Michigan. The Bulldogs finished the year by placing second in game day and hope to improve next year with new freshmen. 

“I loved dancing and meeting new people, and I hope that we will continue to get better because I’ve been dancing for a long time of my life,” Grace Marus ‘21 said. 

The dance team decided not to attend Disney World Florida this year. In past years the Bulldogs excelled in small team competition and competed passed the qualifying rounds. With new coaches and dancers, the Bulldogs are looking to improve in the years ahead.

“I loved building the bonds with my teammates. We felt more like a family than a team,” Cassandrea Yestrepsky ‘21 said. 

Lots of the girls on the team loved dancing with each other, and the underclassmen seem really excited for next years season. 

“This season was fun and a good experience and I’m looking forward to making new memories with my team in the next couple years,” Ella Schultz ‘22 said.

As a senior it is hard to grasp that your career comes to an end but Alexa Romine ‘20 is optimistic about her future. 

“The friendships I’ve built from this team the past four years are unforgettable,” Romine said. 

With the season coming to an end, spectators can only hope for another great year of Romeo dance. 

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