Robert Gjelaj ‘19 Romeo High School offers fun, extracurricular sports such as Intramural Basketball to spark a friendly competition amongst students.

“It gives the students the opportunity to participate in interscholastic athletics even though they may not be participating on the school team they still get the experience that comes with any athletic team,” Romeo High School Athletic Director Cody Smith said.

Intramural basketball provides high school students the chance to go out and exercise, play the sport which many share the love for, and enjoy playing with longtime friends.

“The kids are behaving well but there are some that are out of control; but it’s always fun seeing kids enjoying playing with their friends,” Clyde Cushingberry, longtime intramural referee and former Romeo all-state basketball player, said.

The games took place on a couple weekday evenings and Saturday afternoons during the months of January and February.

Many participants love the competition the sports offers and often participated in trash talking. Returning teams such as Soak City enjoy getting into opponent’s head.

“We ain’t scared of anyone,” Soak City Team Captain, Johnny Lulgjuraj ‘19, said. “Bottom line is we are too big and they are too small and nobody is going to be able to beat us. Our only competition is Daddy’s Darlings but they can’t stop the Soak.”

With eight total teams in the league every team began the season in search of the championship crown. After a full season of round robin play, the single elimination tournament took place. Daddy’s Darlings held down the first overall seed and Soak City, Spac’s Dawgs, Despacito, Hyde’s Hoopers, Damp County Browns, Windex, and Big Ballers finished respectively.

“I have high expectations hopefully coming out with a Championship at the end of the season,” Daddy’s Darlings team member,” Joe Easterwood ‘19, said. “I do not think we will have any competition this year as Soak City has lost its touch.”

As the single elimination tournament came to a close, the final two teams, the first overall seed Daddy’s Darlings and the second overall seed Soak City, looked forward and relished the chance to face one another for the second time. Soak City looked for redemption the second time around as they fell to the Darlings the first time.

Daddy’s Darlings started out the championship game strong, taking a one point lead into the half. Soak City then surged at the start of the second half to take a seven point lead with only five minutes remaining. Daddy’s Darling’s then counterpunched with a 9-0 scoring run in the waning minutes of the game propelling the team to victory 41-36.

“From the bottom of my heart it feels amazing to have won as we have never hyped ourselves like our opponents and that is not a winning trait,” Will Gaborek ‘19 said.

Crowned the 2019 Romeo High School Intramural Champions, The Darling’s roster consisted of a team of seniors:  Adam Sebastian ‘19, Patrick Vinckier ‘19, Cameron Kemp ‘19, Sebastian Botezan ‘19, Easterwood, Jack Wendt ‘19, Cole Karwowicz ‘19, Michael Bouthillet ‘19, Matt Boeve ‘19, Zef Djurasevic ‘19, and Gaborek.

Soak City, the 2019 Runner’s Up, also rostered exclusively seniors: Lulgjuraj, Marcus Kewley ‘19, Brandon Malkowicz ‘19, Mike Miller ‘19, Kyle Knepper ‘19, Zach Brede ‘19, Moe Bujaj ‘19, Christian Jaraczewski ‘19, Sean Hathaway ‘19, and Kaden Stively ‘19.

After another successful intramural basketball season, congratulations to every team who participated in this year’s intramural basketball season and to Daddy’s Darling’s who finished atop the podium at the end of the fun-filled and enjoyable season.

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