Liliana Venditti ‘17 – There are two kinds of people in this world, the DIY masters and the project disasters. Time after time, the creative “do it yourself” ideas off of Pinterest, Facebook and home makeover shows set the bar too high for us mere project mortals.

Scrolling through Pinterest, one will see “Super easy!” or “Best homemade recipe ever!” flooding the page, making the viewer believe that these projects or recipes are actually easy and a must do. In reality, it takes a rocket scientist to figure out how to even read the directions.

“It looks so easy and quick to make but ends up a complete failure,” said Hannah Reichard ‘17.

Many of these Pinterest ideas involve a trip across town to the closest ‘all vegan’ or hardware store. After spending $30 just for supplies, it is time to go home and get to work, but what kind of screwdriver is it again? Wait, where is the chartreuse spray paint? Back to the store. Only to realize 30 minutes later that there is no possible way you have enough skill to complete this “3 step project.”

Baking is even worse. They guilt you into making all these “healthyrecipes, like 30 calorie chocolate chunk cookies, with all these weird ingredients. Ingredients like coconut flour and mashed avocados. They guarantee it will be delicious, so why not try?

“One time I spent 3 hours trying to make this really good looking cookie recipe I found online, only to end up with gross looking cookies that were as hard as a rock,” said Rachel Hopp ‘19.

For us among the creatively impaired, these sweet treat experiments often end up in flames, like actual full on flames.

On to the next project.

Pinterest is filled with much more than just “DIY shelves” or “easy squash brownies”. The site also has fantastic home remedies for your hair and face!

There are endless amounts of “miracle hair” treatments that promise to grow hair 5 inches over night. Of course, the treatments probably have some actual benefit when the bloggers suggest deep conditioning treatment using coconut oil and other natural ingredients, but the line is drawn when they say “Oh try putting mayonnaise, eggs and greek yogurt in your hair.”

Mayonnaise has been rumored to moisturize and prevent breakage by numerous trusted bloggers and websites, like Regardless of these magic mixtures I promise, they will not make your hair grow 5 inches in 24 hours (most likely), and your hair will probably smell a little off.  

While some are blessed with flawless glowing skin, that is not the case for most of us cursed teenagers. Thank goodness that there are all these home remedies for any type of acne, dark circles and dull skin. Where would we be without these miraculous honey, avocado and toothpaste mask mixtures, although DO NOT go outside like this…bees will chase you and you will be given dirty looks, not that I know this from experience or anything. I am advising caution when trying these though, because most of the time, the pimple will end up like an irritated mountain on the tip of our nose.
Obviously, we need to watch out for all these DIY’s and hacks because they usually do not work. So, unless you are unnaturally handy like the guy from, “Extreme Home Makeovers”, someone like Rachel Ray and Bobby Flay, or some YouTube beauty guru, you should probably stick to the Betty Crocker box mixes of cake and brownies, store bought book shelves, and drugstore face washes. It never hurts to try, but you know at the end you are just gonna end up with paint everywhere on the floor, super hungry with burnt food, or worse-weird smelling hair and a bright red face. If something on Pinterest sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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