Natasha Stevanovich ‘17 – Going to college, getting that great job, falling in love, then getting married with a white picket fence and a dog, the American dream. When did it become just that, a dream? Teens across the nation have been serving cynical attitudes with a steaming side of entitlement. But can that really make up the whole plate?

According to a recently conducted poll , 71% of 78 teens polled believe they will ultimately get where they want in life. Everything in life is a choice. There is never just one way to do something, and the thought that everything is terrible although it may be temporary  is not true.

True love isn’t only in storybooks, it isn’t myth or legend. It happens every day, all across the planet. Just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

On social media there’s an abundance of #relationshipgoals posts and posts about couples, and while pictures can be taken, smiles and poses can be faked, and photos can be edited, real connections emotions can’t. So many young people’s idea of love stems and grows from what they actually can see around them. Which, in high school or sometimes in their homes might not be “true love”.

True love is so much more than physical actions or material items. It’s a real connection, treating each other the way they deserve and truly understanding one another, 84% of 87 teens polled claim that they still believe true love like that is still out there. Love is out there, it might not be right now but it’s worth the wait.

Marriage used to be an important part of relationships and love, but it seems that it has been replaced with physical acts of attraction or cases of infatuation being mistaken for “love.”

According to, 45-50% of marriages end in divorce, 40% of that number have children.

If that’s something a child is exposed to, it can affect their thoughts on the subject at hand. A child’s parents are their first encounter with love. Even though sometimes things don’t work out, it can really leave a dark mark on their hearts. Despite the skyrocket in divorce rates and mass effects, 87% of 70 teens polled said that they still believe in marriage.

Whether it be marriages or individuals, everyone has a breaking point. During such a pivotal time in life, stress can be a deciding factor in attitude when it comes to social lives and relationships.  

Competition and selectiveness in college has increased, putting stress on newer generations of young adults along with worry and unease in their minds. In a second recent poll, 54% of 78 teens polled said they do not believe they will get into the college of their choice and get a job in the field they want.

In the past, college has never seemed too far out of reach. If you worked hard and studied harder, anything was possible. Now, you could get the perfect SAT score and still might not get in. It’s important to take a step back and think about the bigger picture. No one is defined by their test score, what school they go to or even what job they have.

Life is an amazing thing when you really open your eyes and live. Sometimes actions have consequences or amazing results. Not everything works out, sometimes the path you end up on isn’t the same as the one you started on. But that’s the beauty of living. You’re writing your own story that isn’t over until the last breath. Nothing is too far out of reach if you put work and dedication into it. 

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