Jake Petz ’14 – Student Life

Many countries, like China, look at America as an innovator in incorporating the arts into education. Qingzhen Number 1 High School in China has been sending their educators to Romeo High School for the past consecutive years to learn more about education in western cultures. In return, Romeo gains cultural experience and connections with educators halfway around the world.
Thought up as a gift, Romeo High School commissioned artist Jack Engwall (12) to create a painting for the Qingzhen Principal.
“I chose to do the painting in water color, as well as incorporating sharpie and pencil,” Engwall said. “I like how organic watercolor is, and how the boldness of the sharpie pops out. The piece is very bright, colorful, and poppy.”
Mr. Lamb was the teacher who thought of the gift idea.
“I love the modern American artform being given to a traditional chinese community,” Scott Lamb said.
The piece will be framed and presented at a ceremony in Qingzhen where thousands of people will gather around and observe American artwork up close, many for the first time. It will be displayed right outside the principals office and will be the first thing anyone will see walking into the building.
“I thought it was a cool opportunity to broaden my horizon and share my art with people I don’t know, let alone people halfway around the world,” Engwall said.

Engwall’s artwork will be one of the schools prized possessions.

“The portrait will bring pride great pride to the school because leaders in the community will know that Qingzhen Number 1 High School has global connections to the west,” Lamb said.

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