Sarah Fuzi ‘17 – Many students have a passion for cooking and working in the kitchen. They shine while preparing dishes and many perform with astonishing skills. Many with this passion decide to join the Culinary Arts program.

Culinary students learn and master skills in general food service and identification of simple tools while cooking, as well as menu design and financial management for a food establishment. The program provides lunches and breakfast at the RETC and prepare food for many different fundraisers during the year.

“They have Italian sandwiches and a salad bar, it is pretty good,” Matthew Wachtel ‘18 said.

The Culinary program is taught by Chief Monica Vallier, who started teaching just this year. The culinary programs carries fast learning students and grows with every new member. Many students join the program in Freshman year and continue on even in college. For every month, there is a prepared schedule for every step they will do while working in the kitchen. Many of the things taught in class quickly became some of the students’ favorites.

“[My favorites are] the fried chips, because they were absolutely delicious,” Monika Lee ‘16 said.

Chief Vallier pushes her students to do well and put their skills to the test. Students work in a setting similar to a professional kitchen one would find in a restaurant and create menus. All the students cook with many different ingredients such a meat, fish, and an assortment of greens.

“A lot of different things, we made brownies cookies, cupcakes, fries, salads and salsa,” Kayden Dorhtey ‘19 said.
For those in the Culinary Arts program, cooking is in their blood, filling them with an unbreakable pride. Passion is voiced in every dish and hard work pays off with the smile of fellow students tasting their meals. From soups to sandwiches and prime rib to pies there is nothing these young chefs cannot handle.

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