Claire Spitz ‘20: A team of runners and a family of hard workers, the Cross Country poured thousands of hard work into a 30-minute race. On October 6th and 11th, the Cross Country teams competed in districts and made history – for the second year in a row.

Six of the Varsity girls XC team made all-county, as well as two JV XC girl runners. An incredible feat, Romeo becomes one of the only high schools to accomplish this.

Top scorer of the entire Macomb County race, Madelyn Malcezewski ‘20 gives some insight into her success:

“It felt really good to win first place overall. I wasn’t putting pressure on myself to win, but I tried really hard to get first, and it paid off,” Malczewski said.

Stepping up to the challenge, JV runners Sydney Goodrich ‘20 and Natalie Motokily ‘19 showed their true potential as well, matching, and even preceding some Varsity runner’s times, these girls receive the title of all-county.

“I’m really excited to have gone all-county this year. I was ready for this race after all of my hard work and training, and I’m glad it showed,” Goodrich said.

The dedication these girls hold for the sport carries them to the finish line race after race, but even on their best days, their coach always pushes them further.

“Whenever we get discouraged our coach is always there to pick us back up. I wouldn’t have been able to do so well without him,” Molotky said.

Just the beginning for these girls, making all-county shows great promise, and Romeo cannot wait to see what their future holds.

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