Morgan Brown ‘17 – With seven hours of school per day, varying levels of homework for each class, and a dedication to after school activities, the brains of high school students can be strained. At times, students’ minds are scrambled in an attempt to balance intellectual thinking with the creativity that brings fun to the day.

Ambyr McLean ‘17, a hard working student and member of the varsity cheer team, has a lot on her plate. However, through Romeo’s art program and artistic pursuits after school, she exercises her creativity.

She claims that Romeo’s sculpting class, run by Mrs. Lisa Joseph, provides a much needed break in her otherwise strenuous day. The class allows McLean to not only improve her skill with clay, but also spend time with her favorite teacher.

“Without her [Mrs. Joseph’s] creative influence, I wouldn’t have been able to become the sculptor I am now,” McLean said.

Each week, she is inspired to take a new angle on assigned projects. When most students create something simple, McLean aims for more complex projects that will emphasize her improving artistic skills. While most students finish a project within 3-5 days, McLean allows herself to shoot for a 10-15 day project.

However, the pottery class is not all fun and games. Though it can be seen as a relaxing break in the day, meeting deadlines can be strenuous. Since McLean’s projects are so complex, she is usually finishing a project when other students begin another.

“The stress is all worth it,” McLean said. “When you are creating something and watching your creativity flow, it is a very peaceful feeling.”

Not only does McLean excel in pottery class, but she also practices artistic skills outside of school. By drawing, painting, sculpting, and even reading, she keeps her creative spirit alive. She claims that her creativity helps her to easily come up with different and interesting ideas for projects.

“I always try to take a step outside the box,” McLean said.

When school becomes all too stressful, and brains are overworked, students should hold on to their creative spirits and, like McLean, invent unique projects to emphasize their true talents.

Below are a few photos of a few of Ambyr’s pieces:

ambyr mclean art up

“This is the house from the movie ‘UP’,” McLean said. “This project was announced during Christmas time, and almost everyone was making a gingerbread house, but I wanted to step outside the box. This was one of the longest projects I have done so far, and I am super proud of how it turned out.”


ambyr mclean art ariel

“This is another Disney themed project,” McLean said. “This one is the Little Mermaid sitting on her rock, and the song title “Part of your World” is displayed on the front. This project took a lot of sculpting around the edges and painting in order to create this cool image.”


ambyr mclean art pooh

“This Winnie the Pooh was inspired by my mom,” McLean said. “She loves Winnie the Pooh, and I thought that this project was a great opportunity to make her something that she loves.”

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