Staff Editorial: On Wednesday, March 6, RNews published a news brief on the then upcoming Wesner Tuxedo Show at Eisenhower High School. The story, written by staff writer Carlina Parrinello ‘21, included information regarding Romeo students walking in the show, ticket sales, and what the show entails. On Friday, March 8, TheMitt.TV, a local Romeo news source, published a Facebook post announcing the Wesner Tuxedo Show, over 48 hours after RNews originally posted their piece. The similarities between the two works proved enough to at least raise the question of plagiarism. The image below illustrates the RNews and TheMitt.TV posts.

RNews is a student publication that prides itself on their professionalism and ethics taught to students. As a professionally functioning news source for the students and community of Romeo, we find it disheartening that TheMitt.TV would take the work of a local student without giving the writer proper recognition. After a community member wrote a comment on the Facebook page regarding the similarities between the two pieces, we felt we should allow time for The Mitt. TV to respond and clarify their position prior to responding to the situation. Later Sunday evening, March 10, TheMitt.TV did add a link to the original article on the RNews news site. They have yet to formally address the situation. Below is the edited post that includes the RNews link.

Although TheMitt.TV edited their original post to include a link to the RNews article, no formal apology or explanation was given to the student, editors, nor to the publication. TheMitt.TV’s actions and lack of response implies that there are no consequence for plagiarism and that it’s okay. However, plagiarism has consequences for students and publications alike.

As editors, we understand that mistakes and oversights happen in a publication. Corrections, explanations, and apologies are apart of the process, as well as publishing articles. We look forward to hearing from TheMitt.TV with an explanation and continued collaboration in the future.

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