Katelynn Medley ‘20: 

Justice. The administering of deserved punishment or reward.

Justice. What women around the world continue to search for.

Women around the world refuse to stay quiet, for as each person stands up, the oppression and neglect women face each and every day sinks deeper into oblivion. Bringing women’s rights and sexual harassment into a new light, women continue coming forward everyday, sharing their experiences in hopes of changing the future for females around the world.  

Sharing horrific stories and telling the world who’s to blame, women all over the globe declare justice. Female celebrities such as: Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lawrence, Reese Witherspoon, Ellen DeGeneres, Simone Biles, etc.,  join in on the movement to uncover the hidden truth about sexual harassment.

On January 7, at the annual Golden Globes, female and male celebrities supported the #metoo movement. The #metoo movement, a social media movement that is viral on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. gains awareness for sexual harassment, especially in the workplace. The actresses and actors wore black to represent their support for all victims of sexual harassment. On Twitter, celebrities posted a multitude of tweets the #metoo movement. The purpose of these tweets and hashtags? Simply, to express the sheer magnitude of the situation at hand and to show just how many women have been affected and give recognition for sexual harassment victims and to encourage women to speak out.

With the newfound support of their celebrity role models, women everywhere are speaking out more than ever to tell the truth about times they experienced sexual harassment, something they were too afraid to do before.  

Society continues to empower women to stand up and speak out of the cruel and appalling events that traumatized them for years. Reinforcement from society keeps this movement progressing, and proceed to grant women the justice they seek.

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