BrookeLynn Trembley ‘17- Bands big and small have drawn crowds to venues all around the state, venues that many students at Romeo have had the opportunity to attend. For some, going to concerts is to simply share the joy of music, but for others, it is even more.

“Concert season was a great way to kick off my senior year,” Azja Stroud ‘16 said, “it made my last summer vacation memorable.”

Some of the more noticed concerts like, Nicki Minaj, Fall Out Boy, One Direction, Twenty One Pilots, Drake, and Tyler the Creator had concert-goers feeling the coined Post Concert Depression (PCD). With impressive theatrics and sold-out venues, these artists put on monumental shows.

“I went to see One Direction and it was so incredible. Definitely one of the best concerts of my life,” Jill Hettrick ‘17 said.

This season isn’t only exciting for the people attending these shows, but for the small bands and openers who get a chance to share their work with the world and spark the interest of people who appreciate their sound. Smaller venues offer a connection with the artist more than any other and makes the show as a whole truly moving.

“When I saw the Wonder Years, I felt really close to the band on a mental and physical level. It was so emotional,” Tyler Burkhardt ‘16 said.

Now that summer has come to an end, the upcoming concert season is highly anticipated by fans everywhere. Upcoming tour announcements are around the corner, and the cycle starts again.


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